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“Transplant”, presented by epitelesis - P. A. F. , Athens, Greece. Photo: Andreas Pashias.  Copyright © Canonge, 2015

September 2015 (NYC - USA) - After working for several months in Europe and Latin America, HECTOR CANONGE, returned to New York City in early September to continue with his artistic projects and launch new initiatives this Fall. Starting in September, the artist will be working on the implementation of “TALKaCTIVE,” a monthly conversation series about performance hosted at the Queens Museum, and as part of QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, new programing ventures. Beginning in October, Canonge will host “CONVIVIR,” an international arts residency program in his new space in Jackson Heights, Queens. For November, he brings back to the city “ITINERANT,” the annual festival for Live Action Art to take place in the five boroughs.


Top left to right: Selected works in Germany, Spain, and Greece. Copyright © Canonge, 2015.

In Europe, the artist organized and presented “PERFORMEANDO” a program that centers on featuring Hispanic, Latin, Latina/o performance artist living outside of their homeland (Berlin, May 2015), he was a guest artist for a special presentation of the international festival Intramurs (Valencia, June 2015), and was invited by the program epitelesis - P. A. F. to introduce “TRANSPLANT,” performed at the Arts Academy and at ASFF BB (Athens, June 2015).  Canonge later moved to Italy where he presented the series “DISENTANGLEMENTS” (Naples) and in collaboration with a street musician found in Piazza del Popolo he created the public intervention “SEMINAL” (Rome).  To conclude his journey, the artist intervened Piazza San Marco with his piece “LUXSAVAGE” (Venice) and was invited for a special presentation program at the American Pavillion during the Venice Biennale.

In South America, Canonge was featured in various programs: In Perú, as guest artist in the Encuentro: espacio abierto a libre performance presenting his work in various cultural centers and independent galleries (Lima, July 2015), as featured artist for Construye Collective to present “DESANUDANDO,” and to give lectures and workshops at Alliance Française (Arequipa, July 2015). In Argentina, Canonge  introduced his work at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de Quilmes (Buenos Aires, August 2015). In Bolivia, he inaugurated his solo exhibition “CORPOREALIDAD,” at La Gallerie, a project sponsored by MACSCZ, CIT Foundation, and Alianza Francesa LP (La Paz, August 2015). Before returning to the United States, the artist organized “AKTIVAGANTE” a regional festival of Live Action Art working with local artists at various cultural art centers sponsored by FSI Patino, CC Oriental, CCF Rodriguez, and Ministerio de Culturas Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, August 2015).


Top left to right: Selected works in Italy, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. Copyright © Canonge, 2015.

Upcoming presentations and programs:

- September 18: PURGA, durational performance, The Sphynx Returns, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC.

- September 27: TALKaCTIVE, perfomance art conversation series, Queens Museum.

- October 1: CONVIVIR, launching of international residency program, Queens, NYC.

- October 3: TRIANGULATIONS, public intervention at Manuel de Dios Unanue Plaza, Jackson Heights, Queens.

- October 5 - 10: REVERSIBLE, encuentro de arte acción, Bogota, Colombia.

- October 13: LABOR, discussion group leader, NYC Creative Salon.

- October 17: TALKaCTIVE, perfomance art conversation series, Queens Museum.

- October 27 - 31: ARTICULAT, Festival de Performance, Valencia, Spain.

- November: ITINERANT, festival for Live Art, various locations, NYC.

Brief Biography:

Hector Canonge is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and cultural entrepreneur based in New York City. His work incorporates the use of new media technologies, cinematic narratives, Live Action Art, and social practice to explore and treat issues related to constructions of identity, gender roles, psychogeography, and the politics of migration.  Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum, or intervening directly in public spaces, his performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes.  Some of his actions and carefully choreographed performances involve collaborating with other artists and interacting with audiences. His work has been exhibited and presented in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. As cultural entrepreneur, Canonge started projects such as ARTerial Performance Lab (APLAB), an initiative to foster collaboration among performance artists from the Americas, PERFORMEANDO, a program that focuses on featuring Hispanic performance artists living in the USA, NEXUSURNEXUS a virtual platform for Live Action Art, and PERFORMAXIS, an international residency program in collaboration with galleries and art spaces in Latin America. Canonge is the co-founder of QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, a non-profit arts organization in Queens, NYC. As curator, he has organized exhibitions at Queens Museum, Space 37 Gallery, Visual AIDS, and the monthly artists’ program A-LAB Forum at Crossing Art Gallery.  He created the monthly independent film series CINEMAROSA, and organizes the annual Performance Art Festival, ITINERANT. His work has been reviewed by The New York Times, ART FORUM, Art in America, New York Daily News, Manhattan Times, Hispanic Magazine; by major networks ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, UNIVISION, etc., and online by Art Experience NYC, Hyperallergic, Turbulence, Art Card Review, NYRemezcla, and New York Foundation for the Arts’ bulletin NYFA News. After living in Europe and Latin America for over two years, Canonge returned to the USA in early January 2015 to continue with his projects, exhibitions, and presentations in New York, Detroit, Boston, and in Miami to organize a program for artistic exchange with Latin American artists in cooperation with American and European organizations.


email: hector@hectorcanonge.net

cellphone:: +1.917.446.4472